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Commercial Refrigeration Leaders

Find out how our innovative hardware and IoT ecosystem helps our customers to scale new heights in commercial refrigeration through sustainable and transformative technologies.

Visual representation of two black smartphone mockups displaying the AoFrio Field App. On the screens, commercial fridges are showcased, and the image emphasizes the ability to control equipment remotely from the phone, providing a convenient perspective for users.

Our customers

Visual representation of the Coca-Cola Commercial Bottler Company logo. The logo features the iconic red lettering of "Coca-Cola" against a white background.
Visual representation of the ABInBev logo for a commercial bottler company. The logo features black lettering for the brand name, and a yellow circle consisting of three irregular elements.
Visual representation of the PepsiCo Commercial Beverage Manufacturer logo with blue lettering. The logo also features a globe element created from blue, orange, green, and red circles. The image captures the distinct design elements and color scheme of the PepsiCo logo.
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Service and maintainance

Our technologies can help you understand where your fleet is using the most power and needs the most servicing.

Commercial performance

View and compare the sales performance of your fleet to maximise product location, marketing and customer engagement.

Refrigeration fleet management

Streamline commercial refrigeration fleet management. Monitor, maintain, track assets, and ensure quality with ease.

Energy and Sustainability

Reduce your overall energy consumption with our remote monitoring and optimisation tools.

Visual representation of AoFrio hardware devices placed in front of a commercial refrigerator backdrop. The image includes an AoFrio Motor in a white plastic case, a Network Pro device in a black plastic case, and an AoFrio SCS controller in a black case with a green temperature display. This image showcases AoFrio's integration with refrigeration equipment.

IoT Ecosystem for Commercial Refrigeration

Discover how AoFrio’s fully integrated IoT ecosystem can optimise your refrigeration fleet to increase your sales, predict maintenance needs, and deliver real-time temperature control to reduce energy costs and environmental impacts. You can do this in field with our mobile apps as well as remotely.

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Power your refrigeration with ECR Motors

Our Wellington brand ECR® 2 electronic motor is a breakthrough product, used by more than 50 companies globally and known for its power rating, efficiency, reliability, and durability.

We continue to invest in this star product with our Wellington ECF™ 2 Fanpack integrating with the motor to become a purpose-designed fan and housing assembly, producing optimum airflow efficiency.

Explore our Motors range

Visual representation of a compact motor unit enclosed in a sleek black casing, prominently secured with four silver screws. The motor unit stands on a podium with a backdrop of commercial refrigeration equipment, emphasizing the integration of motors in refrigeration systems.

Efficient, reliable refrigeration motors that drive results

Refrigeration Motors Sold
MWh saved since we began
Tons of CO2 emissions saved
Visual representation of the Brasal logo, with the word 'Brasal' in white and a red ring consisting of two arches, capturing the unique design and branding elements.

Anne Fayna

Brasal Refrigerantes
Asset Management Supervisor

Flavio and Lucas, it is with great joy that I share with you Brasal’s certification in the E2E LATAM program Auditing GDM Management at Latin America level. I want to thank you both for your support, it sure made all the difference for us in this result. It was a great learning experience these last few days and for sure our partnership will be stronger going forward!

The Nestlé logo featuring a brown circular design with the word 'Nestlé' at the bottom. Inside the circular design, a stylized illustration depicts a mother bird feeding her chicks in a nest, symbolizing nurturing and care.

Rodrigo Aldana

Nestle Chile
Trade Asset Manager

I am writing to thank you for your support in the deployment of the pilot project carried out during 2022. It has been a learning process where your support and guidance have been essential. Thanks to this work, it was possible to present a solid case to the business and now we are going to roll out 13,000 devices.

Visual representation of the Coca-Cola Andina logo, with 'Coca-Cola' in vibrant red and 'Andina' in elegant grey, highlighting the distinctive color scheme and branding elements.

Emiliano Ciccioli

Andina Argentina
Cold Management Analyst

It has been a pleasure and a great experience working with the AoFrio team! I can say this after working with you on a project that lasted more than a year. I always found highly professional people who are passionate about the task at hand. In terms of knowledge the experience they have in the field of controllers designed for refrigeration is remarkable, in my opinion they are one of the market leaders.