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Our Global Network

Being an industry leader in IoT solutions and devices, connected refrigeration solutions, cloud fleet management, and interactive digital marketing means having a solid team. Our global network spans several countries, ensuring that our services are tailored to local businesses by each of our branches.

We’re global so you can be too

We help our customers conduct business around the globe. Wherever you’re based, we support your growth across new places, new customers, new services, and products.

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Our customer-focused teams are based in New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, USA, Guatemala, Argentina, and Singapore.

Our hardware and software solutions are developed in New Zealand, with support from East West Manufacturing’s team in Vietnam.

Our supply-chain partners have factories in Vietnam and distribution partners in the UK and USA.

Thanks to our global reach, we ensure our customers receive personal, local assistance along with our range of reliable, high-quality products. Our network also strengthens our production and shipping pipelines, so that all of our products are manufactured and delivered on time.

For any further questions on our global team, our headquarters, or the branch nearest to you.