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Implementation of the Connect Track SDKs increased Bluetooth IoT data acquisition by 371%

Implementation of the Connect Track SDKs increased Bluetooth IoT data acquisition by 371%

Executive summary

A large beverage customer looking to improve the collection of IoT data from their fleet of connected coolers turned to Wellington for help. Adding Wellington’s Connect™ Track SDK into a custom application deployed to their sales field staff, led to a 371% increase in the data acquired from coolers. This increase in data flow using the existing mobile fleet and Bluetooth was virtually cost-free, but drove new fleet insights, productivity, and efficiency, allowing better investment and service decisions for their clients.


A large beverage manufacturing and distribution customer has been extending their range of connected coolers by incorporating Wellington’s Connect™ SCS controllers into their newly built coolers. The coolers were recording valuable equipment and sales performance data, but frequent and reliable collection of the information using only Wellington’s Connect Track app was proving to be a challenge.

Image: Mobile Phone with Track App - Visual representation of a mobile phone displaying the AoFrio Track App on its screen. The image highlights the appearance of the app on a smartphone for monitoring and tracking purposes.

The solution

Wellington learned that the customer had successfully rolled out a customized ordering mobile app to their sales team. The users recognized this app as being critical to their jobs since it enabled placing product orders for their customers. At this point, it became clear that using one app to order product, and another to collect field data was suboptimal, so we suggested simplifying things by incorporating Wellington’s Track SDK within the customer’s app.

The SDK was adapted to the bottler’s exact needs, and the code and documentation were delivered to their IT team, who added it to the mobile app. The implementation time was short and with a minimal financial investment, while ensuring cooler data could be readily acquired.

Results and future plans

One of the downsides of using location-enabled apps is that the phone’s operating system (OS) shows continuous notifications even when the app is running in the background, which can be frustrating and confusing to the user. If the app is not regularly used, the OS may change the permissions settings, adding another layer of complexity.

The use of the SDK in an app that is frequently used in the foreground as the salesperson enters orders, seamlessly resolves these issues.

Image: Commercial Cooler Filled with Bottled Beverages - Visual representation of a commercial cooler fully stocked with a variety of bottled beverages. The image showcases the cooler's capacity to store and display a range of drink options.

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