iPX Smart Solutions

Images: Smart Home Control with Smart Things App - Visual representation of a person holding a black phone with the Smart Things app displayed on the screen. The person is situated at home in a living room. On the left side of the screen, there are three inscriptions:

​iPX redefines how consumers interact and engage with brands, based on their immediate location.​

AoFrio will provide you the tools with which you can create a smarter brand, smarter things, smarter retailers and smarter places.

SmartPlaces and SmartBrands

If you’re looking to enhance the in-store experience for your consumers and partners, AoFrio’s consumer engagement technologies can help you understand shopper preferences, help you grow sales, and increase consumer LTV. Our software meshes IoT sensors and devices with physical spaces and your products to create real-time SmartPlaces and SmartBrands. This intelligence generates actionable insights and outcomes that drive sales increases while also yielding cost savings. ​

​​AoFrio’s iPX platform powers this exciting retail transformation. It redefines the way shoppers interact, receive information, and engage with brands at the point of sale. It helps companies to have a better understanding of a consumer’s purchase path at the store-level, national level, and everything in between. This enables you to deliver contextual proximity marketing that engages, surprises and delights shoppers.

Image: iProximity Features Enhancing Shopping - Visual illustration depicting people interacting with various iProximity features to enhance their shopping experience. The image showcases the benefits of using technology for a more convenient and enjoyable shopping journey.

SmartThings - It’s simplicity at its best!

Image: Beer Taps with AoFrio Connect QTag - Visual representation of beer taps in a bar, accompanied by an AoFrio Connect QTag. The QTag allows customers to scan and access information about the beverages.

Do you ever wonder where consumers engage with your products? Do you wish you had more information about your audience and each market segment? SmartThings are devices with IoT embedded technology from AoFrio. When combined with our iPX software, this allows you to detect a product or asset’s location anywhere in the world and send any message or content when your consumer wants it!​

​A SmartThing is created using AoFrio™ Q-Tag, QR codes, or other IoT devices that are incorporated into any product or piece of equipment. All you need to do is incorporate your device of choice and start tracking engagements on the cloud when consumers interact with them.

At the time consumers or customers engage with a SmartThing, iPX can determine the precise GPS location where that interaction occurred. This helps you understand more about the audience, location, and timing of product interactions.

Image: iProximity Tool on Laptop - Visual representation of a laptop against a grey background, displaying the iProximity tool. The tool showcases a map that determines the precise GPS location where an interaction occurred.
Image: Recycling Solution with Hands and iProximity App - Visual representation of three hands, two holding plastic bottles and one holding the AoFrio iProximity app. The image illustrates that AoFrio has developed a solution to increase the recycling rate of plastic and glass materials.

Create SmartThings to improve the recycling path and visualize your brand’s sustainability

After studying the journey of plastic and its recyclability, AoFrio developed a solution that helps increase the recycle rate of plastic and glass material. ​

Using Consumer Engagement technologies and our iPX platform, a unique QR code is integrated into the container, packaging or label of each product. When consumers scan this code, the brand receives information on the location of the product and its history (journey of the bottle). The brand may choose to share specific information about the history of that unique product, sustainability messaging, or other information about how to recycle the product in their unique area. ​

​AoFrio is dedicated to supporting sustainability initiatives across all areas of its business and our customers’ businesses. This unique tool is a fun and engaging way for brands to support their sustainability goals, educate consumers, and build brand loyalty at the same time.

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