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A restaurant that works as hard as you do

IoT connectivity for your commercial kitchen fridge or freezer may sound complicated, but here at AoFrio, we make it simple. We talk to your refrigeration equipment and deliver actionable insights that save money and protect your perishable products.

By understanding how equipment is being used by staff you can improve equipment life, as well as food safety. AoFrio solutions quickly tell you when things aren’t working, often before they fail. Want to know more? Contact us here.

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Your digital assistant for refrigerated equipment

  • Control and monitor freezer and cooler temperatures with 24/7 automated measurements.
  • Leverage real-time alerts to ensure temperature safety and quality compliance.
  • Easily respond to inspectors or auditors anytime with automated HACCP reports.
  • View proactive exception reports to spot equipment that may be problematic.
  • Effortlessly change equipment temperatures to preserve food quality and extend its life.
  • Maximize energy savings with unique algorithms that minimize energy demand.
  • Minimize noise for use in areas where customers are near, without sacrificing product quality.

Real-time data insights and action recommendations

  • Asset tracking and equipment control, so your staff can focus on serving the customers.
  • Advanced diagnostics minimizes downtime and provides advanced warning of failures.
  • Food safety monitoring protects your name and your customers.
  • Energy management minimizes operational costs.

Support the success of your team

Help staff manage the day-to-day operation by tracking commercial interactions to help size equipment and monitor supplies and inventory to reduce costs while protecting flexibility. Automatically log temperatures and track hygiene protocols to help ensure completion without adding to the paperwork. Remove equipment health guesswork by providing clear action recommendations and reduce or eliminate downtime.

Know your consumer using our consumer engagement platform to boost sales and collect insights from every restaurant.

Hand Holding Phone with Commercial Fridges - Visual representation of a hand holding a phone, with commercial fridges in the background. The image highlights the interaction between technology and the business environment, specifically in the context of commercial refrigeration.

Find out more about how our solutions can be tailored to fit your industry.