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Refrigeration OEM partnerships

Trusted partner of OEMs around the world

AoFrio strives to make our commercial refrigeration manufacturing clients happy. We are not the largest technology company in the industry, and don’t claim to offer everything to everyone, but we’re experts on refrigeration systems and IoT, and this elevates our original equipment manufacturers (OEM) partners’ products above their competition.

We partner with our OEM customers to deliver uniquely specialized solutions through highly personalized service that directly focuses on saving them time, money, and differentiating them in a crowded market so they can earn more business and become more profitable.

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Take your equipment to the next level

Getting data from your equipment to the cloud enables preventative and proactive service, reducing downtime. Understanding equipment failures enables improved product design and lowers warranty costs, and tracking operational conditions enables service teams to offer more aftermarket support, faster than ever. This improves revenue and dramatically boosts long-term profitability.

IoT connectivity allows your customers to interact with your products in a whole new way. They can easily control temperatures, improve energy efficiency, activate operating modes, and receive point of sale (POS) insights to improve their business. This allows you to build a stronger relationship with your customers and build brand loyalty.

Manufacturing flexibility

With products installed in 24 countries around the world, AoFrio understands the need to balance flexibility with supply chain stability. That’s why every product we make is custom designed to be scalable, affordable, and meet the unique needs of each of our OEM partners. By embracing this strategy and enabling one of our products to replace several from other suppliers, some OEM partners have reported stock-keeping-unit (SKU) reductions greater than 57:1. This saves significant inventory, procurement, and overhead costs while also reducing points of failure in their supply chain—that’s the power of AoFrio’s manufacturing flexibility!

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Add value and differentiate from low-cost competitors

Leading OEMs know that delivering new value to their customers and supporting customers beyond the initial sale are both key to overcoming low-cost competitors. AoFrio’s technologies enable this by providing unmatched warranties in the industry, customized control and IoT product designs, and data-driven insights that do what nobody else can. Want to know how AoFrio helps you rise above the competition? Contact us here.

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