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Soft drinks

Boost your marketing equipment ROI

Cold drink equipment is the most critical point of sale (POS) tool for soft drink brands and bottlers. Our IoT solutions provide actionable insights into the operating performance and efficiency of your front-line sales assets.

Increase sales

  • Proactively reduce or eliminate cooler down time.
  • Minimize audit costs by automating asset tracking and management.
  • Ensure the coldest drink by tracking temperature.
  • Run consumer promotions and activation, turning every cooler into a point-of-sale to influence customers at the point of decision.

Reduce costs

  • Better and faster service with remote diagnostics and troubleshooting app.
  • Improve CAPEX utilization by ensuring every outlet has the right size and type of equipment.
  • Reduce equipment loss and theft, and track key sales and distribution teams metrics.
  • Improve service efficiency with automated corrective and preventative maintenance recommendations.

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Benefits of AoFrio IoT ecosystem

Our IoT ecosystem delivers benefits across the entire value chain.

  • Asset management: reduce cooler loss and automate auditing processes.
  • Technical performance: provide better service with remote diagnostics or faster on-site troubleshooting and increase the rate of first-time fix.
  • Commercial performance: track equipment productivity and ensure the right cooler for the outlet.
  • Operations management: control product quality, track out of stocks, and learn about retailer behavior and habits.
  • Customer engagement: earn store space by providing some control over equipment and demonstrating profitability metrics.
  • Consumer engagement: access your consumers directly via digital promotions and content sharing.

Connectivity that just works

Our Bluetooth-based connectivity approach eliminates ongoing cellular costs while allowing you to monitor thousands of coolers in the field using the AoFrio IoT ecosystem solutions. If you do not merchandise or see your coolers frequently, we also support always-on connectivity via cellular with AoFrio Network Pro, and more.

Over one million active units in the field

AoFrio IoT ecosystem is proven to work in real-life situations for the largest brands in the world, in developed and emerging markets globally.

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