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Supermarket and convenience

Keeping it simple

Supermarket refrigeration connectivity sounds complicated and expensive, but AoFrio offers flexible options to connect your equipment that are simple to install and operate. Our solutions can be tailored for a range of store types and sizes, letting you optimize and manage your equipment, whether it is a small convenience store fridge, or a large commercial supermarket refrigerator.

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An in-store digital assistant

  • Control and monitor freezer and cooler temperatures with 24/7 automated measurements.
  • Leverage real-time alerts to ensure temperature safety and quality compliance.
  • Easily respond to inspectors or auditors anytime with automated HACCP reports.
  • View proactive exception reports to spot equipment that may be problematic.
  • Effortlessly change equipment temperatures to preserve food quality and extend product life.
  • Maximize energy savings with unique algorithms that minimize energy demand.
  • Minimize noise for use in areas where customers are near, without sacrificing product quality.
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Understand your equipment

Say goodbye to cryptic error codes. Use a simple app interface that is designed for you and not for an engineer. Get maintenance reminders and service recommendations to reduce equipment downtime and eliminate expensive emergency calls. Get a head start on service providers by getting potential failure modes straight from the equipment.

Understand your store

Our solutions come equipped with customer engagement capability. You can use it right out of the box, or you can activate it when you’re ready to run in-store marketing, allowing you to track customer activity and map store hotspots.

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Hand Holding Phone with Commercial Fridges - Visual representation of a hand holding a phone, with commercial fridges in the background. The image highlights the interaction between technology and the business environment, specifically in the context of commercial refrigeration.

Understand product quality

Track and control temperature limits to ensure product safety is maintained, without having to operate a complicated dashboard. Ensure temperature traceability and use automated data to report. You can easily control settings to reduce or eliminate loss and ensure product is preserved to optimum conditions.

Our solutions for the supermarket and convenience industry

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