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Notification of Allotment of Securities by Wellington Drive Technologies Limited

Wellington Drive Technologies Limited (Wellington) advises that 3,023,684 part paid shares have been exercised by six staff members in accordance with the Wellington Drive Technologies Limited Part Paid Share Scheme.

In accordance with Listing Rule 3.13.1, Wellington (“WDT”) has issued securities as follows:

Class of Security: Ordinary Shares (WDT)
Number issued: 3,023,684 ordinary shares
Issue price Ordinary shares were issued upon the exercise and settlement of the balance due in respect of: 2,316,840 Part Paid Share Scheme shares granted in July 2015 at a price of 5.213 cents per share; and 706,844 Part Paid Share Scheme at a price of 5.647 cents per share also granted in July 2015.
Payment: By cash as above
Percentage of total Class of Securities issued: 1.149% of the shares pre this issue
Reason for the issue: Issue of Ordinary Shares upon the exercise and settlement of vested part paid shares granted under Wellington Drive Technologies Limited Part Paid Share Scheme.
Authority of issue: Resolution of directors.
Terms of issue: The shares are credited as fully paid, and rank in all respects equally with the fully paid Ordinary Shares already on issue.
Total number of securities of the Class in existence after the issue: 266,167,038 listed fully paid Ordinary Shares on issue
5,906,957 unlisted partly paid shares
Date of issue: 01 November 2019