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Wellington Drive Technologies launches Connect Monitor

Wellington Drive Technologies (“Wellington”) is pleased to announce the launch of its latest product innovation, the Connect™ Monitor, an internet of things (IoT) device designed for easy retrofitting to existing cooler fleets.

Wellington’s Connect™ IoT product range remotely monitors and diagnoses cooler performance, alerts and faults, helping to efficiently manage customer service calls, minimise downtime and time spent on site. These benefits lead to improved beverage sales and increased equipment productivity.

The battery-powered Connect Monitor is a multifunctional IoT sensor explicitly designed for refrigeration applications. Its extensive features include temperature measurement, compressor operation, sales performance, appliance movement detection, and asset location. It also features Bluetooth beacon technology for proximity marketing applications.

The Connect Monitor’s lithium battery offers five years of life under normal operating conditions, which include fast beacon advertising and low-temperature environments. Monitor is easy to install in the field and can be activated through the Connect™ Field App, linking it to the Wellington Connect™ Cloud. The inbuilt data-logger can store up to two months of data, and its patented door swing sensor allows for flexible and discreet mounting inside coolers, freezers, or cabinets.

Wellington has been at the forefront of refrigeration technology for many years, starting with motors, then controllers, before moving into the internet of things (IoT). The Wellington Connect IoT platform has seen phenomenal success, with over one million units shipped to 50 customer organisations across 24 countries.

Beatriz Mibach, Wellington’s Vice President, Global Product Management, commented, “The Connect Monitor is one of four new products we plan to launch in 2021. We are seeing strong early customer interest and have received pilot orders for the product. Our product strategy to build and deliver software services around wirelessly connected hardware will continue with Connect Monitor. It will enable us to become as effective in retrofit applications as we are in new build applications.

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