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Want to know more about us and our solutions, but only have a few minutes to spare? Below you will find videos we’ve produced to outline what makes AoFrio different. Find out why we’re the leading supplier of refrigeration technology here.

AoFrio™ IoT ecosystem

Our IoT ecosystem integrates IoT devices, software, apps, cloud computing and our in-house experts to deliver valuable insights into your fleet’s performance with an exceptional return on investment.

Introducing AoFrio™ Monitor – a multifunctional IoT sensor for commercial refrigeration

Watch this introductory video on AoFrio Monitor, which pushes your refrigeration fleet insights to a new level, allowing you to focus on improving your bottom line through operational efficiencies. Featuring an active battery life of up to five years and two months of data storage, a range of functional apps and cloud-based reporting, Monitor and the AoFrio IoT ecosystem offers the complete solution.

AoFrio™ Monitor demo video

Introducing AoFrio Monitor as the multifunctional refrigeration sensor and data logger. Monitor is a battery-operated device that senses and records up to two months of equipment data such as, internal temperature, door swings, compressor run time, and asset location.

AoFrio™ Track app

The Track app lets you track your fleet via your smartphone to see which coolers have not been tracked recently, so you can check whether they are still there or not. In this short video we answer the most common questions about the app’s functionality and explain how this new tool supports our organization whilst you are at a customers’ premises.

Wellington ECR 2 motor milestone video

Learn more about the Wellington ECR 2 motor, and why it’s the world’s most advanced refrigeration fan motor, with millions of units sold.

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