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Not sure how our range of solutions will fit into your business? Gain a better understanding of our offerings by reading our use cases below.

Image: Payment via QR Code Scan - Visual representation of a person paying for ordered food by scanning a QR code, showcasing a convenient and modern payment method.

Results show a 106% increase in sales in the promotional month, compared to the prior month.​ Sales were driven by online awareness and promotional coupons, delivered through AoFrio Beacons and proximity marketing at retailers.

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During Easter, a shopping center ran a beacon-enabled promotion to increase engagement. During the promotional period, visitor traffic increased by 25% with the e-mail contacts database receiving a 15% boost. Data about consumer interaction with digital marketing tools was collected, and higher sales incidence was also reported by stores.​

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Image: Easter Egg Hunt with Interactive App - Visual representation of children participating in an Easter egg hunt while holding phones with a displayed app connected to the hunt. The image illustrates a modern and interactive approach to the traditional activity.
Image: Buy Here Today Poster with Cereal, Strawberries and a Milk - Visual representation of a person holding a poster with the slogan

A major global brand incorporated a QR code into a point-of-sale material to understand their consumers’ activities and interaction with them. Data collected provided statistical insights on users and in-store behaviors that enabled better campaign creation and message targeting. 79% of engagements came from new consumers, showing that these markets respond well to QR codes and digital experiences.

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To ensure you have the right product at the right places for the correct store type and market has always been challenging for brands and retailers. While the humble planogram has been around since the 1980’s, the cost of revising, printing, and distributing them to sales teams, field operations teams, and retail partners has only increased with the number of new products and channel complexity.

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Image: Grocery Store Manager with AoFrio Planogram - Visual representation of a grocery store manager standing in front of coolers, holding a white tablet. The tablet displays the AoFrio Planogram, a tool that assists the shopkeeper in effectively arranging and displaying the product range.

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