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Motor customization and programming

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Many OEM customers have found that AoFrio offers more flexibility than any other refrigeration fan motor supplier they’ve encountered. We delight in customizing many aspects of our Wellington EC and ECR motors to deliver exactly the performance you need. Some examples aspects we are happy to customize include:

Motor programming tools

We are also proud to offer programmers suitable for field, factory, or laboratory use. In less than a minute, anyone can change the speed and direction settings of a Wellington ECR 2 motor*.

Our unique programming system requires no motor dismantling or additional hardware, allowing motors to be reprogrammed while installed. Up to eight motors can be programmed simultaneously, dramatically boosting productivity.

Program settings can be adjusted using a PC or via free, user-friendly mobile phone apps.

*Three wire models only.

Commercial Refrigeration Motor Programming Tools - Visual representation of motor programming tools used for configuring and customizing motor settings.

Find out more about how our Wellington ECR motors can be customized to suit your performance needs.