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High-performance commercial refrigeration fan motor accessories

Our range of commercial refrigeration fan motor accessories, including turnkey fan assemblies and connectors, sets the benchmark for efficiency, airflow, and quiet performance.

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Wellington ECF 2 Axial Commercial Refrigeration Fanpack - Visual representation of a black Wellington ECF 2 Axial Fanpack displayed against a black background.

Wellington ECF 2 Axial Fanpack

Wellington’s ECF™ 2 Fanpack builds our Wellington ECR 2 motor into a high-performance fan and basket assembly, providing a turnkey solution compatible with industry-standard 8″ (200mm) axial fanpacks. They are made from high specification glass-filled polymers and are suitable for both condenser and evaporator applications, including low-temperature evaporators.

  • Provide better pressure delivery than competing Fanpacks.
  • Provide improved noise and efficiency.
  • Provide substantially better vibration and current consumption (VA).
  • Feature multi-voltage and frequency capability.
  • Feature advanced control features, and robustness of all Wellington ECR 2 motors.
  • Are suitable for use with hydrocarbon refrigerants*.
  • Can be made food grade and ATEX compliant on request.
  • Are available in single speed, two or three speed, and variable speed versions. Speeds can be field or factory programmed.

*compliant to relevant requirements of IEC60079-15, EC60335-2-89 Annex BB, and UL471

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Wellington Axial Impellers

We offer a range of metal and plastic impellers in 150-250mm (6-10″) sizes, including high efficiency, low noise, biomimetic designs. These are supplied separately, or in motor-fan-basket assemblies.

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Wellington Axial Impellers Commercial Refrigeration Fan - Visual representation of a Wellington Axial Impellers fan presented against a black background. The image highlights the product's design and features.


We understand that many manufacturers prefer to use a specific type of connector with their motors. This makes assembly easier and improves product quality. AoFrio is proud to offer a wide variety of connectors for your use. Please contact us with any specific questions about connectors, and to see how our experience and expertise helps you develop better products.

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