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Beacon case – Mall​

An Australian Mall decided to create a proximity marketing program using Wellington Connect Beacons.

Executive summary

During Easter, a shopping center ran a beacon-enabled promotion to increase engagement. During the promotional period, visitor traffic increased by 25% with the e-mail contacts database receiving a 15% boost. Data about consumer interaction with digital marketing tools was collected, and higher sales incidence was also reported by stores.


In order to increase visits during a holiday season and to have a better understanding about shoppers’ journeys, an Australian Mall decided to create a proximity marketing program using Wellington Connect Beacons. 

Since it was targeted around the Easter period, an egg hunt theme seemed like a natural choice that would be fun for everyone. The Connect Beacons would be installed in the participating stores, with the goal of increasing foot traffic and sales. A secondary goal was to increase the number of opted-in contacts in their email database. To add some fun, the winners could win prizes and a massive easter egg. The consumers only needed to sign up, download ‘Hello Local’ app and explore the mall and search for treasures. 

When shoppers approached a store, a notification was sent to their phones via the app. These either included treasures or clues to find the next sticker and complete the challenge. 


  • 15% increase in e-mail contacts to the database due to new customer registration ​
  • 25% increase in visits to the Shopping Center during the promotion ​
  • 14.5 minutes of average connectivity and interaction with the app and 500% growth in first interactions ​
  • Participating stores reported an increase in sales and foot traffic ​
  • Later implementation of the second campaign with a “Pirate Treasure Hunt”