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Planogram distribution and tracking​

Planogram distribution and tracking

Executive summary

To ensure you have the right product at the right places for the correct store type and market has always been challenging for brands and retailers. While the humble planogram has been around since the 1980’s, the cost of revising, printing, and distributing them to sales teams, field operations teams,  and retail partners has only increased with the number of new products and channel complexity. Once new planograms are in the field, most brands find it very difficult to determine how well they are being implemented.

Wellington’s iPX enables brands to deploy unique planograms for virtually every location, store type or market. They can be updated anytime and tracked for you to verify receipt. It also enables you to understand where communication channels might be weaker and field teams may need additional support. This is all done instantly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods so that you can be more dynamic with your adjustments to market conditions, release of new products, and planograms updates to optimize sales.

In fact, RIS research estimates that lack of planogram compliance costs each US retailer $1-$30 million in potential sales. The ISI Sharegroup estimates the total cost of non-compliance to be about 1% of gross product sales. This translates to lost sales of about $10 billion to $15 billion per year! On the other hand, a study by the National Association of Retail Marketing Services attributes a 7.8% increase in annual sales to planogram compliance. Efforts to figure out how to drive successful compliance and retail execution is worthy, and profitable, goal!